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of the Future of Health.

Who we areOur ecosystem

Who we are

The Future of Health (FOH) is a proactive community of senior leaders from leading health organizations around the world.
Through the shared outlook of its members and the power of their collective professional wisdom, we intend to influence, transform, and redesign the future of health.

We aim
to achieve.


Provide global policy recommendations necessary to redesign the future of health by 2030


Pave the way for health care organizations to become the organizations of the future


Improve global health through FOH member organizations’ collaborations


FOH members include the heads of major healthcare organizations from across the world:





Med-tech companies

Health insurance providers

Patient advocacy groups

Healthcare Institutions Industry Academia Policymakers

Our stakeholders

Designing the future of health requires an ecosystem approach;—exchanging ideas, sharing knowledge, data and experiences, and working across stakeholder organizations to drive change in our healthcare industry.

FOH is about innovation grounded in reality. Our international and multi-sector workgroups have thinkers from academia alongside people like me, who live in the trenches of healthcare delivery. You have people pushing you to think outside the box.

Gary Kaplan
FOH member, and past CEO of Virginia Mason Franciscan Health


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Word of wisdom

"Only through a shared vision of the Future of Health will we be able to drive the much needed transformation. By bringing together senior health leaders from around the world, FOH intends to achieve that common vision."
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"As we look into the Future of Health we realize without a doubt that the transformation will require for Health to grow in scope. From transactional care to well being and prevention. Which, as we know, is much more challenging."
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“Yogi Berra, an American baseball player famously said: “It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” Hard to argue with that. But while we cannot forecast the future..."
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