Members of the FOH community are separated geographically, so it is imperative that there is a secure place where they can meet to collaborate, share knowledge, and air challenges. The CONNECT platform was designed precisely for this purpose – a safe and discreet virtual meeting place that allows closed groups to be created for discussion, as well as a social network for personal conversations and contact.

With CONNECT, community members can promote ideas that will impact the future of health around the world.

Restricted / Closed
Discussion Groups

FOH-CONNECT enables its members to create restricted/closed groups. Utilizing this tool, community members can open small, intimate discussion where they can share knowledge and challenges, as well as consult with group members. These groups are an essential medium for promoting ideas and collaboration that will result in impact, change, and molding the future of health.

Stay connected with
community members

In addition to the restricted/closed groups, community members can make personal contact via FOH-CONNECT, and open an encrypted and secure personal conversation with any other community member. This feature allows community members to form new professional relationships, share challenges, contribute, and attain information from their fellow community members.