Our story.

How we
got started

The idea of forming a community for CEOs from the world of health was raised in 2018, at a conference held by Sheba Medical Center as part of its 70th birthday celebrations. The conference in 2019 that hosted the CEOs of the world’s leading hospitals at CHUM de Montréal University in Canada, confirmed the essential requirement for such a community.

Our vision

The FOH community was founded from a shared vision of its members; Its purpose is to provide a conducive environment for senior leaders in health organizations and administrators of the world’s leading hospitals to interact; where they can share challenges, promote processes, become better leaders, and influence broad-based global policy and legislative change.

Our mission

The best way to predict the future is to create it. And the best way to create the future is by fostering a conducive environment where community members can collaborate, share knowledge, raise challenges, consult with their peers, and challenge themselves to influence and promote processes in the organization they manage. In doing so, community members will become better health leaders and create a concrete vision that will influence and shape the future of health in the world.

Our members

Community members are meticulously selected by virtue of their vocation and their position within the health industry. They are uniquely qualified and have the intimate knowledge required to see the current status of the health industry and wisdom to help shape a better future for global health.

What we do

Each year, FOH holds a series of regular, structured interdisciplinary meetings to address several key issues facing the healthcare sector. The qualitative research and conclusions reached by FOH members are then turned into policy papers and published in leading healthcare journals, following the organization’s annual in-person summit.

The FOH community serves as a guiding light for its member organizations and to healthcare institutions around the world. Published papers serve as a blueprint for the future of health that aligns the different stakeholders around a common vision.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

There is strength in numbers – especially when it comes to shaping the future of health. Our professional experience demonstrates that even though the building of health systems varies from country to country, the problems are similar.

The FOH community forum provides for its members a cocooned environment where they can discuss and raise common challenges that cross global borders.

The community provides its members with personal and professional leverage, which is felt in the immediate impact that community members can contribute to the organization they run.