The Future Hospital International Summit 2019.

A date with destiny

The Future Hospital International Summit was held over two days at CHUM de Montréal University in Canada in November 2019.

It was the follow up from the Sheba Medical Center International Summit 2018, “The Future Hospital: Setting Strategies for 2030 and beyond.” Among its attendees and participants were the CEOs of the world’s leading hospitals.
Topics discussed emanated from the closed summit based around the roundtable topics:  Innovation and Artificial Intelligence; Research and Education; and Learning Networks and Personalized Health.

The insights from these roundtables were presented and discussed against the broad themes of Improving Existing Health Care Systems and Imagining a New Health System.

The ideas generated at these summits and their potential to benefit the leadership abilities of participants and the organizations, and impact global health were duly noted.

A conversation at this summit between Dr. Eyal Zimlichman, chief of the ARC innovation center at Sheba Medical Center, and Charles Kahn of the FAH, identified the essential requirement to form a community for CEOs from the world of health.

The seed for the FOH community was planted in the 2018 summit, germinated at the 2019 summit, and has begun to bear fruit in 2020.