The Sheba Medical Center’s International Summit 2018.

Shaping the hospitals of tomorrow

The Sheba Medical Center’s International Summit, held over four days in October 2018 at the Sheba Medical Center Campus in Israel, was a small and intimate gathering of global healthcare executives and innovative thought leaders. The invitation-only event grappled with the theme, “The Future Hospital: Setting Strategies for 2030 and beyond.”

The summit was in keeping with Sheba’s mission statement of promoting the next generation of medical leadership and major medical-scientific research.
With both feet firmly planted in the present, yet with a charter of having to look toward the future, the summit provided the perfect setting for key stakeholders to define some of the main issues leading academic hospitals must consider when planning for the future, such as: the evolving role of the leading hospitals and hospital systems, developing medical professions and new professional roles, and the part for the leading hospitals in expanding community-based patient care; and to provide a framework for how to best meet those challenges.
Summit participants are in a position to be well aware of the vital role that technology and innovation is playing and will continue to play in the field of health. However they are also cognizant of the myriad side issues and ramifications that these innovations impart on a quickly evolving health ecosystem.
By proactively raising these issues, the summit provided a platform for how to best benefit from innovative technological healthcare solutions whilst looking to minimize any potentially unforeseen consequences from the integration of these innovations.
It was at this summit that the seed for what was to grow into the Future of Health initiative was first planted.